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MILO.NL his real name is Michel Beugel, he is coming from Lichtenvoorde, a small village in the east of The Netherlands.
From 1998 he played in many clubs in The Netherlands, Germany and other countries across Europe. From small clubs to large events like the Loveparade (Germany) his mission always was and still is to give his audience what they want. In March 2013 he was invited to Miami (Florida, USA) and also Poland is still one of his favorite countries to visit. City Lido, (Groenlo) a huge venue in his hometown, you can find him monthly behind the DJ booth.

In the year 2000 he was one of the first DJ’s in the Netherlands that weekly presented his DJ mixes on air. Hot Radio was the radio station that broadcasted his mixes, those mixes became well known in the East side of The Netherlands. The show reached more than 200.000 listeners each week.

After producing different styles with different projects MILO.NL teamed up with one of the most famous German producer Andreas Litterscheid a.k.a. CJ Stone. With him by his side, he produced many singles for Adrima, Bad Habit Boys, Tony Star, Re-Fuge to name a few. They also produced dance mixes for Flo Rida, Pitbull, Akon, Timati & Snoop Dogg, P.Diddy and other well-known artists.

In 2009 Milo and CJ combined their forces to build up their own record company. Soundz Good is now an independent record company based in Eindhoven. With sub labels like Electronic Pleasure, Refuge Records, Refuge Digital, 12Tone Records and Love It. Nowadays as A&R Manager, producer and DJ, Milo is always up to date with the new sound that the people like to hear; where ever they are!



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