Djs@Work – Best Of Album

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Djs@Work - Best Of

Check the ReRelease of all Djs@Work Single. More than 25 classic tunes you will find on this amazing download Version.

You can get the album here in your favorite Download-Shop:

1 Intro
2 Someday (Vocal Radio Cut)
3 Time 2 Wonder (Radio Edit)
4 Fly with Me (Short Distance Radio Mix)
5 Some Years Ago (Original Radio Edit)
6 Past Was Yesterday (Radio Mix)
7 Do You Remember
8 The Final Dance
9 Free My Mind
10 You Take Me Away
11 Tell Me Why
12 Activated
13 Don’t Stop & Listen
14 From My Heart
15 You Are Real
16 I Feel Free
17 Sunrise
18 Where I Belong
19 Let Me Be
20 My Mind
21 Spin Me
22 Rock da Beat
23 Houze Muzik
24 Free Your Mind
25 Give in Tonight
26 Will Be Free

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