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Stelios, Jonny Rose

Radio Mix (Instrumental)

Stelios, Jonny Rose

Club Mix

Stelios, Jonny Rose

Club Mix (Instrumental)

Stelios, Jonny Rose

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Meet sonic architect and sculptor of unique sounds: a contrast of emotional, uplifting melodies and aggressive, relentless basslines. In the studio he is both precise and a perfectionist – on stage Stelios transforms into a fully-fledged entertainer, with his high energy sets promising a night to remember.

A big believer in doing things differently, Stelios abandoned the beautiful Greek beaches where he was raised to take on the electronic scene in the UK. Being completely self-taught, his style and musicality are unique, with hints of Mediterranean, mid-90’s electronic and classical influences.

No challenge is too big for Stelios. In 2012, he set up and successfully run his own events, modelled for Lady Gaga, produced for various artists & vocalists in the UK, starred in a video clip, composed for film and performances, played gigs around the UK and Greece and recently won Intel’s DJ Competition as “The People’s Choice” with an overwhelming amount of support from his fans.

Stelios feat. Jonny Rose - Sunkissed

Release: BBM 101

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