Aint No Mountain High Enough

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Luca Schreiner Remix

Freischwimmer, Dionne Bromfield

Artenvielfalt Remix

Freischwimmer, Dionne Bromfield

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From fabulous beaches to high mountains: FREISCHWIMMER is back with his brand new single, ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’, Featuring Singer Songwriter DIONNE BROMFIELD.

Following on from FREISCHWIMMERS huge success with his first single, ‘California Dreamin’, this feel good track is the perfect way to reintroduce himself to the Deep House charts. ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ promises to get stuck in your mind and fill you with a sense of happiness.

FREISCHWIMMERS first single left acts like Justin Bieber and Adele behind, climbing straight to NUMBER 1 on the US Billboard Dance Club Song Charts. FREISCHWIMMER went on to dominate the charts; becoming Number 5 on the UK Cool Cuts Charts, being nominated as MTV Hottest Video of the Week, 12 High Rotations, along with countless supports by DJ-stars like Oliver Heldens & Tiesto, to name but a few, along with numerous bookings with World Club Dome and many more.

DIONNE was introduced to the world of music at the tender age of 13, with her first album ‘Introducing Dionne Bromfield’, followed shortly after by her second album, ‘Good For The Soul’. Dionne, is currently working on her 3rd album, which is set for release later this year. With unique musical influences from MOTOWN, and of course her biggest fan and Godmother, Amy Winehouse, Dionne and her soulful voice is the perfect fit for this track.

As FREISCHWIMMER introduces this single, a new wind begins to blow…

But ‘listen baby, ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough, baby’ …

AND they won’t surrender until they climb to the top of the charts with this catchy song. As you know, this would not be the first rise for FREISCHWIMMER.

2016 continues to see DJ’s making the music of this era, taking over the charts [FAZ – 11.06.15] this is for certain a hit that should be on everyones radar.

Freischwimmer feat Dionne Bromfield - Aint No Mountain High Enough

Release: DDM 015

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