Flashdance, What a Feeling

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Flashdance, What a Feeling

Klaas, Emmie Lee

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Klaas feat. Emmie Lee – Flashdance, What a Feeling

To reinforce the vocals, this time Klaas got Emmie Lee on board taking over the part that Irene Cara sang in the 80s movie hit Flashdance. Flashdance”s ‘What A Feeling’ sparked a dance hype in the 80s.
Today Klaas brought back the classic produced by Giorgio Moroder into 2021, with all due respect for the original.

This song rocks. The line that says “take your passion, and make it happen.” Doing what you love and kicking b**t doing it. Priceless! Doesn’t it remind you of how we feel about art and music?

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Klaas feat. Emmie Lee – Flashdance, What a Feeling

Release: YLD 161

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