I Know The Way

Out on: High 5 Records


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Tony Star

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The well known dj & producer Tony Star is back this time with his vocal progressive house anthem I Know The Way.

We deal here with the perfect club tool to drive the crowds crazy and make them scream and shout with joy! I Know The Way includes pumping bouncy cracking beats, punchy in your face body shaking basslines while the breakdown is a totally different affair with rock influenced guitar melody and melodramatic piano chords supported by the melodramatic performance from the male singer who sounds really sad about the situation he goes through in the story of the song.

Of course the wohh wohh type of vocal is helpful to unite clubbers and make them feel like being one on the festival ground. The drop is heavy and hard as nail with hardstyle basslines that will cause tsunami and riot on the dancefloor! Its really strong release that will raise the professional profile of Tony Star even higher.

Tony Star - In Know The Way

Release: HF 108

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