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Arnold Palmer, Minelli

Luca Debonaire Remix

Arnold Palmer, Minelli

Jack Mazzoni Remix

Arnold Palmer, Minelli

Slava Dmitriev & Chris Montana Remix

Arnold Palmer, Minelli

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We already know that Arnold Palmer is always delivering astonishing productions like „Instagram Vid“ or „Gangsta Beat (with Cj Stone), but just imagine !
His new track with Minelli (from Romania), which will be released at High5/Planet Punk Music was remixed by Jack Mazzoni (Blanco y Negro/Spain), Slava Dmitriev (Ru), Chris Montana (D) and another stunning DJ ! Amsterdam rising star LUCA DEBONAIRE has just made it !

Just wait until you pressed play and you will be amazed.

Arnold Palmer feat. Minelli - Hump

Release: HF 145

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