With Arms Wide Open

Out on: High 5 Records


Darius & Finlay Remix

Alessandro Taccini, Lisah

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The Sahara-like heat this summer not only made Germans break out in sweat, it also inspired Alessandro Taccini. The producer and DJ came up with his brandnew single „With Arms Wide Open“ along with Austrian dance act „Harris & Ford“s vocalist LISAH,. And it’s not just her beauty, but LISAH’s absolutely amazing voice accompanied by expressive piano chords, relaxing beats that gives this chilling summer track its distinctive minimalistic dance-pop character.

Simply made and perfectly fitting for all kinds of festivals as well as radio shows this summer season. Taccini well knows how to transform a relaxing deep house mix into a solid deep house track for all kinds of clubbing. With every single beat you can literally feel the summerly influences which wind themselves around the emotional vocals and bring this track up to an absolutely summerly and danceable hit.

There’s only one thing left to say: Pull on your shoes, turn up the bass and get the party started.

You can grab „With Arms Wide Open“ online – it’s now available for download alongside the usual suspects for great electronic music.

“Fire up… and burn up THE FLOOR”

Alessandro Taccini feat. Lisah – With Arms Wide Open

Release: HF 147

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