Experience (Follow me) 2k10

Out on: High 5 Records


Accuface High Energy Mix


Brooklyn Bounce Remix


Trance Arts Remix


Almagro Remix


Bedrud Remix


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It’s less than one year ago, when MEGASONIC ( a side-project of Hardtrance-Mastermind Accuface) came out with “Emotion 2009” in October 2009 in the Dance music scene.
This remake of the Rave classic, originally by Mega `Lo Mania, was celebrated within the scene and placed on the biggest German Dance compilations, such as Future Trance, Dream Dance and Hardbass.
Now, it’s time for the new hit by MEGASONIC. Marlon could get another Rave legend enthusiastic about a new remake:
“Experience (Follow me) 2k10” is the 2010-Update of the RMB Evergreen from 1995, which performed in the German Records Sales Top20 for 7 weeks!
“Experience (Follow me) 2k10” is available now and the Accuface High Energy Mix has already been licensed for the latest Future Trance compilation. Additional to the Accuface Mix in his typical High Energy Hardtrance sound, the single release shows off with more convincing Remixes by Brooklyn Bounce, Trance Arts, Almagro and Bedrud!

Megasonic - Experience (Follow Me) 2K10

Release: HF 019

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