I Know there´s something going on

Out on: High 5 Records


Dancefloorkingz Remix

Franky Tunes, Jason McKnight, Big Daddi

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After the resounding success of Wonderful Days 2K12 is Franky Tunes has fulfilled himself a wish: to put one of his great all-time favorites from the in a new guise.
And he has succeeded impressively. „I know there’s something going on“ was originally written by one of the former front women of the legendary group ABBA, and was produced by none other than Phil Collins.

The hookline is just like the original, and for the rap parts Franky got no other than Alex „Big Daddi“ Blecher into the boat, which in the 90 years was responsible for numerous successful projects.

For the singing Franky Tunes could appreciate the support of Jason McKnight, who has also helped several top hits with his voice to success.
Thus virtually a brand new track has emerged.
The authors of the original have immediately approved of this new production – and so there is nothing in the way of a real spring hit!

Franky Tunes vs Jason McKnight & Big Daddi - I Know there is Something Going on

Release: HF 058

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