The Feeling

Out on: High 5 Records


Radio Edit

Giorno, You, CvB

Thomas You Remix

Giorno, You, CvB

Giorgio Gee Remix

Giorno, You, CvB

Crystal Lake Remix

Giorno, You, CvB

Instrumental Mix

Giorno, You, CvB

NRG Edit

Giorno, You, CvB

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After dance hits like „I Clear The Area“ or „1.2.G!“, Giorno is back with „The Feeling“!

This time he teamed up with electro house talent Thomas You to produce a massive and catchy tune that will perfectly work on the dancefloor as well as on the radio! Club mixes by Giorgio Gee and Thomas You complete this package.

Check it out and enjoy the good feeling!

Giorno & You - The Feeling

Release: HF 064

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