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Leif Bent

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Leif Bent – Additional

After starting his career in London he is now based at Alte Zigarrenfabrik Studios in southwest Germany, where he has created a creative environment of his own. At only 21 years old he is building up recognition as a songwriter and producer while continuing to push his own artist project forward. He not only sings on his records, but also writes and produces them himself.

Collaborating with likeminded talent such as Sir Posh, Angelina and jakob äm he is building up a creative family of musicians and creatives around him. After the sudden success of his song “Forget Me” with Sir Posh he continued to push his project building a strong fanbase on Instagram and Youtube.

The creative expression in his music ranges through all sorts of styles and influences like Pop, RnB, HipHop & EDM. He always tries to reinvent himself with every single record where nothing sounds the same.

Starting off 2019 with his song “Plastic Heart” he started a strong movement in his fanbase pushing the message “Be yourself and show it! You are amazing the way you are!”. After that the hashtag #noplaceforplastichearts has quickly grown in popularity.

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Leif Bent - Additional

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