Found Love (Remixes)

Out on: Planet Punk Music


Martin van Lectro Remix Edit

Martin van Lectro Remix Edit

Mazza, Tenashar

Chris Gold Remix

Mazza, Tenashar, Chris Gold

Martin van Lectro Remix

Mazza, Tenashar

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For his new Track “Found Love”, “Mazza” has teamed up with the beautiful Deejane “Tenashar” .
With more than 2 Million Facebook fans , the Eurasian starlet “Tenashar” literally turns any dance floor she touches to gold. So she has been crowned a DJ Mag top 100 spot at #87.
“Found Love” captivates with it’s catchy hook and a lovely melody.
The Track will be released with strong Remixes by Klaas, Chris Gold & Martin van Lectro.

Mazza feat. Tenashar – Found Love

Release: PPM 164R

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