Allez Allez

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Petty Joy, Uno Jahma

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Petty Joy, Uno Jahma

E-Partment Remix

Petty Joy, Uno Jahma

Kris McTwain Remix

Petty Joy, Uno Jahma

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Djane Petty Joy, the young newcomer from Graz in Austria.

Numerous international appearances procured her in record time, an impressive reputation in the various electronic music scene.

Ibiza Global Radio Resident DJ and a few appearances on the New York Fashion Week 2012,can count to the success of the enchanting House DJane

Now comes her first single „Allez Allez“ produced by well-known producer cck and a world tour.
Hot beats and a boundle of femininity are winning over the hearts of all House fans.
You will not only hear more from her, but also see her, because in 2013, the young Djane from Graz can be seen in the Playboy.

Petty Joy feat. Uno Jahma - Allez Allez

Release: PPM 027

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