A World Apart

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Davis Redfield

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Davis Redfield

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Davis Redfield

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Davis Redfield

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After Davis Redfield’s last hit “Like that“ follows his fourth single“ A world apart“.

“A world apart“ is an emotional club smasher, with strong female vocals that give this song a little extra.
Davis Redfield repeatedly shows how diverse his productions are and convinces as a remixer renowned artists such as Pitbull, House Rockerz, Darius & Finlay or G & G.

The production spontaneously was created in an international studio session and is based on a true story.

Davis Redfield currently works with U.S. stars such as Fatman Scoop and Pitbull.

None other than “G & G“, known by their chart hit “My My My”, could not resist, to contribute a remix for this new clubhit.

Davis Redfield - A World Apart

Release: PPM 036

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