Single For The Night

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Brandon Beal

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Brandon Beal

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From Football to Music: Brandon Beal, once a college football player, painfully ended his football career due to a neck injury in practice. The irony here is, that this actually made him buckle down on his music career 100%. He’s the new Sound of Pop, Hip Hop, & R&B, as songwriter and producer he has the talent, drive and vision to take him to the top.

The young man has developed a great reputation through Texas, New York, Japan, and Scandinavia through his live shows and opening acts. He has experienced opening for: Ne-Yo,He also has worked with major producers like: Lil‘ Jon, Todd Terry, MultiMan, and many more.

He has written, co-written, and produced for/with artist such as: Mya, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown,Flo-Rida, and the list goes on.

Brandon recently teamed up with new and upcoming Danish DJ and Producer, Rasmus Hedegaard, to work on a Dance/Pop Album.

Follow him on his journey, you get to witness his bashfulness his craziness and his witty at time infantile humor.

Brandon Beal - Single For The Night

Release: PPM 046

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