Gonna Make You Sweat

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Dexter and Gold

Souxsoul & Lutownstudi Mix

Dexter and Gold

Mario Held Dance Remix

Dexter and Gold

Leventina Electro Shout Remix

Dexter and Gold

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Dexter & Gold is modern high class dance music ! Every DJ set is unique and full of 100% quality house music !

Scream and shout !

The own production such as „GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (EVERBODY DANCE NOW) and the massive REMIX of GENTLEMAN’s Hit TO THE TOP, are both big floorfillers and will left it’s own imprint on every dancefloor !

Don’t be afraid, the next big releaes are on the way, to you !

Dexter & Gold - Gonna Make You Sweat

Release: PPM 061

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