Summer Nights in Brazil

Out on: Planet Punk Music


Original Radio Mix

Mr.Da-Nos, The Product G&B, Maury

Festival Mix Short Edit

Mr.Da-Nos, The Product G&B, Maury

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Sometimes everything is just perfect. The song, act and vibes of a project. With „Summer Nights in Brazil“ the Swiss Music Award winner Mr.Da-Nos has had a stroke of genius and presents us with a summer hit and a 2014 World Cup anthem in one.

Voiced for the demo by songwriter Maury (voice behind 4x platinum hit „Ma Chérie“, among others), the snappy dance-pop song with a Latin touch landed on the desk of the top US act The Product G&B. The New Yorker R&B duo is renowned for its worldwide hit „Maria Maria“ with guitar legend Carlos Santana:

„Maria Maria“ won a Grammy and made platinum 15 times over, and it is the second most successful Latino song of all times.

The boys joined up straight away (studio and video clip), sing the song with their soul voices and give „Summer Nights in Brazil“ the necessary flair for a guaranteed summer hit.

The single, produced by Mr.Da-Nos, will be released on 23 May in a 4-song EP package, including a radio and festival mix. The accompanying video, starring Mr.Da-Nos, The Product G&B and Maury underlines the international potential of this unique project.

„Let the music play…“

Mr.Da-Nos & The Product G&B feat. Maury - Summer Nights in Brazil

Release: PPM 088

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