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Saint Müsik

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Saint Müsik

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Saint Müsik – Rescue Me

Saint Müsik is a duo from New York, the USA comprising of Apostolos Stefanopoulos and Saad Ali. What sets them apart is their opening piano rifts, unique music style, and meaningful lyrics.
Their first project was a symphony, Cosmos. Together, they mapped the universe from Big Bang to present time. They worked with Andrijana Janevska from FYROM and Petros Gaitanos from Greece to bring their song, Children of the Cosmos, to life.

Currently, they are collaborating with Boom Jinx to release a chill track and are excited to release the rest of their music.

Rescue Me is a song about a breakup. They need to want to be rescued, to be saved one more time, to be allowed one last chance. Rescue Me is emotionally inspiring and captivating, supported by exciting sounds and beautiful vocals. Finally, it is a song everyone can relate to and hopefully inspire the love in you.

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Saint Müsik – Rescue Me

Release: YLD 05

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