Hot N Cold

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Hot N Cold

Klaas, Moodygee

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Klaas & Moodygee – Hot N Cold

Klaas introduces a cover version of the Katy Perry hit „Hot N Cold“ in collaboration with Moodygee for February 2021, in which they showcase their chemistry. Moodygee is well known for the duo “Darius & Finlay” who left the team for successful solo career ahead of time. Emmi Lee’s skill as a vocalist advanced the musical brilliance.
The fun upbeat song pays homage to Katy Perry. Klaas says the song is about indecisiveness – people who you can’t get a read on. Klaas captures the spirit of music through his own twist, popping tones and of course embracing the sounds of EDM!

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Klaas & Moodygee – Hot 'N Cold

Release: YLD 167

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