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Tomhio – Chasing

Tomhio is a 19 years old musical prodigy from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At a young age, he started
playing the piano and then developed his skills as a talented drummer.
After being asked to play drums in a band with friends, he became interested in recording their material.
He explored working with recording software and in no time he was recording and producing music
for the band. He also started to make his own music and experimented with sequencing. As a huge
fan of dance music, it was only a matter of time before he would produce his first dance track.
And that moment has arrived with the banging debut of Chasing! Proving to be a new Dutch talent
to be reckoned with, Tomhio’s debut stands out with a massive drop, awesome vocals and a slightly
different sound. Unique and catchy, Chasing will definitely create some serious damage in today’s
worldwide dance scene.

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Tomhio - Chasing

Release: YLD 16

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