Think Twice

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Think Twice

Fabian Farell, Terri B

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Fabian Farell & Terri B! – Think Twice

„Think Twice is not just another „Fabian Farell“ release.
Teaming up with soulful singer „Terri B!“, who brought a totally different twist to the track thanks to hear enormous voice, Fabian is yet delivering another uprising song.

The young german shooting star had huge success with his latest releases like „FIRE“, Against the Rest or his remix for Leonade.
Gaining success by playing a lot of live shows he now uses the time to focus on new radio tracks.

His idea to take this well known sound of todays dance tracks and connecting it with a different kind of vocal came up, when Fabian was listening to some old songs from the 2010 years, which often had those kind of vocals.

You can feel, that „Think Twice“ stands for a general worldview which you can see in your habit on relationships and love, but also on your general standpoint towards life and everything, that is important. „

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Fabian Farell & Terri B! - Think Twice

Release: YLD 173

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