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Klaas – Pretender

Review: looking back on the best songs and artists of 2018, there’s no better time than now to reminisce on the immense success of Klaas who released ‘Close To You’ as his single and a 2018 remix of ‘Infinity’.

The recently released single ‘Get Down’ and the collaboration with Diego Miranda (Tomorrowland) & Mazza ‘Orca’ also caught many people’s attention. Notably, Klaas’ contribution hit growth in on-demand streaming such as Spotify, which is about adding value to the streaming industry for the better.

With his new single ‘Pretender’ Klaas makes a statement – encouraging everyone to not let haters influence you. ‘Pretender’ by a different name for phony.

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Klaas - Pretender

Release: YLD 24

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