Remix – Contest


Welcome to our Remix Contest for Klaas – Close To You

Here are the steps what you have to do: 

Please Note / Achtung
May I publish my remix on Youtube, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud or other social media platforms?
Unfortunately no. The rights to publish are owned by Planet Punk Music GmbH.

Darf ich meinen Remix auf Youtube, Facebook oder anderen Social-Media-Plattformen veröffentlichen?
Leider nicht. Die Veröffentlichungsrechte liegen bei der Planet Punk Music GmbH.
1. Read the rules    Rules/Regeln


2. Listen to the orignal version from our release „Klaas – Close To You“    Listen


3. Download the remix file down below


4. Create your remix.


5. When you are ready, please upload your remix on the upload site   UPLOAD


6. As soon as the competition is over, we will of course inform you here on our Website. Good Luck!
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