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Here are the conditions for your part of the remix contest.

Please read carefully.

Who is the host of the Remix Contest?
Planet Punk Music GmbH, Breitenfelder Weg 12, 23881 Niendorf and the associated branding: You Love , is the organizer of the Remix Contest.

Who is allowed to participate?
Everyone who has reached the age of 18 may take part. Planet Punk Music GmbH reserves the right to demand proof of age.

When does the Remix Contest begin and end?
The Remix Contest starts on 01.02.2018 and ends on 28.02.2018 (12:00).
The following voting takes place between 03.03.2018 and 10.03.2018.
The announcement of the winner will be published on the respective platforms on Sunday, 11.03.2018 (12:00 pm).

How can I participate?
After entering with your email address you may download the provided samples (here) and start immediately.
Only one remix per participant may be uploaded.

What is the profit?
The winning Remixes of the contest “Klaas – Close to you”, will be published in an official Remix Release on Planet Punk Music.
These Remixes will be available in all popular stores and Streaming platforms.
The remixer does not incur any costs on our part.
We will pay no royalties or participations for the produced remixes.

What is the procedure and how is the winner determined?
After the submission deadline has past, the jury will make a pre-selection.
The pre-selected remixes will be posted in a playlist on our youtube channel You Love
Now the community has the choice to choose their favorites. The number of views or likes is not decisive.
Rather, a mixture of both, including the comments.
Furthermore, the jury, consisting of: Klaas (Producer & DJ), Chris Gold (Producer) and
Sven (label owner of Planet Punk Music) an internal choice.
At the same time a voting system for the best of the pre-selected remixes will be published on
And from that the winner of the Remix Contest will be determined.
The final result will be announced on the website on 11.03.2018(12:00 pm) .

How will the winner be notified?
Each participant must provide an email address to ensure contactability.

What happens with my data?
The email address is only needed to contact the winner at the end of the Remix Contest, all emails will be deleted thereafter.
The participant has the right to the information of his data, their correction or deletion.

What happens if the winner does not answer?
In that case, the 2-ranked winner will be the winner of the Remix Contest.

How do I submit my remix and how?
You can upload your remix [ HERE! ]. Only fully completed participants will be taking part in the Remix Contest.
Furthermore, the format should be used as 320 Mp3.
Submissions via email or social media platforms will not be accepted and are excluded from the Remix Contest.
Changes to submitted remixes are not possible.
After completing the remix contest, the winner should be able to provide a wav file. [Format: WAV File]

What can I use to create my remix and which music style is desired?
You may use all samples provided in the Remix Contest.
Of course, other samples may be used which do not contain or infringe copyright, infringing, unlawful matters.
The music style is up to the remix contest participant.
May I publish my remix on Youtube, Facebook or other social media platforms?
Unfortunately no. The rights to publish are owned by Planet Punk Music GmbH.
But you have the option, should your remix be one of the selected ones, you can share the following Youtube link on all platforms (share).

Can I be disqualified?
Each participant may only upload one remix. Submissions the obscenities, glorifications of violence, Pornographic or sexual content is excluded.

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